Step 1

Create Your Account

Organizer Info First, tell us your name and the name of your organization.

Connect to Stripe Then, connect your Stripe account to start collecting payments once you’ve published a trip. 

Step 2

Create Your Trip

Basic Details Build your trip out with the core information, such as where you’re going, what the dates are, the base cost, a brief description, and what’s included.

Trip Itinerary Here’s your chance to sell the experience! Break it down day-by-day.

Step 3

Share Your Trip

Customize Your Site Build a trip page with your custom logo, colors, and photos, or embed the page directly on your website!

Spread the Word Share your trip and send reminders with our customizable email templates and text message options, coming soon. 

Step 4

Manage Your Bookings

Stay on Track Easily keep track of deposits, payment statuses, and registration stats on your Organizer Dashboard. Need to save the data elsewhere? Export with ease.
How It Works: Step 04 — Manage Your Bookings — Company Stats

Step 5

Collect Your Money

Streamlined Cashflow Our auto-billing and payment reminders make it easy for you to get paid on time. Money goes straight to your account daily via Stripe.

Still Have Questions?

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions below, use the chat bubble to send us a message, or schedule a demo to learn more about SquadTrip.

Frequently Asked Questions

SquadTrip offers free and paid plans with extra cool features starting at $69/mo. Booking fees are 4% for both Premium and Starter plans. This includes the merchant fee (2.9% + 30¢) that Stripe charges for processing credit card payments. For example: If you’re on the Standard plan and your trip cost is $1,000.00, your travelers will pay $1,040. You will receive $1,000.00, and we will receive $40 to pay Stripe and our processing fees.

When your customers make a payment on our website, the funds will be processed on your Stripe account and sent to your bank account. You can set up daily payouts too!

Use Trip Options to set up the different trip packages available, such as: Single vs. Double Occupancy, 4 day stay vs 5 day stay, Premium Room vs Ocean View Room.

You can offer 2 Payment Options: either pay in full via credit card or Apple Pay, or sign up for a monthly payment plan with autobilling. If you choose the payment plan, your card will be charged automatically each month.

Yes, we send receipts, payment reminders, payment failure notifications.

Use the trip page that’s automatically created when you publish your page. Have a custom website? Add a button or embed the trip options directly onto your website.

In addition to getting email alerts when your travelers make payments, you can view your sales in real time on your SquadTrip dashboard.

Take a look at our checkout demo here

Yes, they can change their credit card, view receipts, and much more!

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