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Welcome to SquadTrip, your ultimate platform for streamlined group trip planning. Whether you’re a group travel planner, agent, or travel influencer, we’ve got you covered.

Use our platform to effortlessly set up trips, create stunning landing pages, and schedule automatic payments. Stay connected with guests through built-in communication tools and analyze trip performance with ease.

Do you want to reclaim your time and unlock the potential to make more money doing what you love? Elevate your group travel experience with SquadTrip today!

SquadTrip Success Stories

KT Travel & More — Review, Profile photo, headshot, smile

KT Travel & More

“I’m 1,000% sold. SquadTrip replaces my current CRM and 3 other platforms I use for my clients.”

Collin Devon Williams, CDE Antigua — Review, Profile photo, headshot

CDE Antigua

“I grew my annual trip from 50 to 500 travelers with the help of automatic payments.”

TravelGoddess — Review, Profile photo, headshot, smile

Travel Goddess Int.

“This is a no brainer. It saves so much time for me and my guests.”

Overseas With Ease

“Before SquadTrip, I was juggling multiple payment platforms and manually tracking payments. SquadTrip automated this process for me, making it easier to manage my business and focus on what I love – creating unforgettable travel experiences.”

Key Features

Setup Payment Plans & Auto Billing

Automated Reminders and Receipts

Track Bookings and Automate Guest Communications

Leverage Waitlists, Discount Codes, and Sales Tools

Trip Promotion and Marketing to an audience of over 100K travelers

SquadTrip empowers trip organizers to put the paperwork on autopilot, so you can concentrate on delivering a memorable travel experience.

Join the growing community of Travelpreneurs who have transformed their passion for traveling into successful businesses with SquadTrip.

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Winners Only Weekend

“SquadTrip has been a game-changer for my business. The platform has made logistics around communication and payment seamless, and the ability to create a detailed landing page has been invaluable. Plus, the payment plans have made travel more accessible for my customers.”

Passport Society

“Switching to SquadTrip was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. The platform’s ability to limit trips and offer payment plans has made it easier for me to manage my bookings. Plus, the customer experience on SquadTrip is far superior to other platforms I’ve used.”

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Want to increase your group travel sales?

Join our email list for tips and access to premium content.